How can I cancel my ticket?

A. If you book your ticket on a flight system:

If you have an account on our website, you can select the Cancellation button after entering the User Panel by visiting the Billing Management section. After the online consignment, you will be provided with a refund method. Or deposit the same.

System ticket tickets are possible with regard to booking reservations on the central airline server, in addition to us, through airline ticket offices operating in cities and airports of the country without any restrictions. It means that for your booking consignment, call the support number 009647826266600 or contact the airport at any time during the office hours. Your cancellation is canceled and the amount of penalty will be determined according to the airline’s circular, based on the time between consignment and flight time, as shown in the table below. If you cancel your consignment through airline or airport offices, you will need to contact us to refund the remaining amount.

B) If you book your ticket on a charter flight:

Due to the charter of the flight, the ticket can only be through the charterer. Contact Us for your Charles Ticket Console! After we coordinate with the charterer, we will give you the percentage of the penalty. This percentage of fines varies according to the terms and conditions of each charterer, so that even your consular claim may not be accepted. Given the percentage of the fine If you intend to take a consellation, we will do your affairs for the conseller through the charterer, and then we will refund the remaining amount to you.

How can I get paid if my flight is canceled?

A) If the consignor has been informed of the flight through us:

If the flight of passengers is canceled before the time arrives, we will notify you by telephone. In this case, you can get all your payment or choose one of the alternative flights we offer. We will not impose any replacement flights with your flight consignor, and if you cancel, we will not deduct any amount of your payment for our service. We will try to suggest alternative flights simultaneously and for your first flight, but if there is a difference in price, this difference should be paid by you.

B) If the flight consignment has been declared at the airport due to bad weather or technical malfunction:

Occasionally, flight passengers do not land after landing at the airport, or return to the airport of origin after flying at the airport of destination. In this case, in order to expedite the refund process, the sealed image of the ticket must be emailed or faxed to us. The ticket is also affixed to the passenger to be posted to the airline if necessary. If this inconvenient thing happened to you, please contact us at 009647826266600 after sending the tickets to us for the experts to complete the extraction process for you.

If the flight time changes and is not appropriate for me, can I cancel my ticket?

We will inform passengers of the flight timings by phone call. If changes in time include a delay of more than half an hour or a delay of more than two hours of flight, and the new time of flight is not suitable for travelers, the possibility of consignment without damage
Airfare is provided.

Sometimes flights will be delayed by more than two hours without informing us and after the presence of passengers at the airport. In this case, to return a non-damaging ticket, it is necessary to email or fax a sealed image of us. The ticket is also affixed to the passenger to be posted to the airline if necessary.

How and when will the canceled tickets cost?

The withdrawal fees for a consignment of airline tickets will be deposited to your bank card within 72 business hours through the intermediary bank transfer of the Sahab. Also, if you have an account, you can apply for a refund to your user account and then use it in your other bookings.